DOBISS is a Belgian company and an experienced pioneer in the field of home automation. We have followed the evolution of home automation closely over the past 20 years and searched for the perfect solution for each one of our customers. How have we managed to do that for two decades? By providing no-nonsense personal service and delivering consistently high quality!
What is home automation?

Cars are becoming increasingly energyefficient every year and smartphones are getting smarter by the month – so why have 50 years old technology at home? DOBISS domotics can provide a wide range of flexible, user-friendly functionalities to turn your house into a smart home. The functions that you choose today can then be reconfigured and expanded over your lifetime. In short: home automation can create absolute added value for your home, now and in the future!

Do I need a smart home?

When you buy a TV, you expect to get a remote control with it, don’t you? Your car controls every thing for you when you get out: so why shouldn’t your house be able to do the same? With affordable DOBISS domotics, you don’t have to run a marathon to switch all the lights off before leaving the house. For a small investment, you can enjoy much greater comfor t every day as in a smart home, you can control every thing just by pressing a button!

Why choose home automation?

For your comfort, of course! For example, have you ever gone to work and forgotten to turn off your lights? Thanks to DOBISS this is fixed in a few clicks. But that ’s not all! Home automation offers you the certainty that your energy consumption will be reduced to the absolute minimum and that burglars will choose to give your house a miss. How? Read this catalogue to find out!

What are the benefits of DOBISS?

Belgian, experienced and relevant – these three factors have made DOBISS a pioneer in the field of home automation for the past 20 years. Not only do we choose consistent quality and customized solutions for each customer, we also develop appropriate responses based on important social concerns such as ecology and security.