Home automation is logic

DOBISS. One affordable system that connects everything.

Domotics simply belong in every home. It’s no longer a luxury, but self-evident. You save energy and time, and get peace of mind instead. Precisely because no one can do without home automation anymore, we’ve made it simple and affordable.

Domotics? Smartotics!

Your DOBISS benefits at a glance


Make your smart home
work for you

Energy saving

Eliminate standby consumption
and get maximum return
from your solar panels


Scare off
unwanted visitors


Start small
and expand later, thanks to
the modular construction

A single system

Everything communicates
with each other,
even different brands

Future proof

Add new technologies
whenever you want

Proven expertise
for every budget


DOBISS installers
throughout Belgium


apartment, terraced house and villa projects over the past 5 years,


years Belgian know-how


year warranty

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Project in the spotlight

Residence Warelles

A splendid example of future-proof living. Construction company Top Home Building and installer Innotech joined forces for this innovative building concept of stacked villas in Rumbeke.

A satisfied user

An De Gols

“Thanks to the system’s flexibility, I’ll also be able to control my attic space with the existing push buttons and scenarios after the renovation.”

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10/05/2023Turn your heat pump into a smart consumer This is how you turn your heat pump into a smart consumer: 1. Check whether your heat pump is labeled SG Ready. Yes? Fine! 2. Contact your DOBISS installer to add your heat pump to your home automation system. 3. Your heat pump is now a smart consumer. Surplus solar energy? He uses it to heat your water or cool down your house by one degree. So you don't have to take extra energy from the grid.
26/04/2023DOBISS and the capacity rate The capacity rate is a fact. In concrete terms: the more energy you use at the same time, the more you pay. But how do you keep your peak consumption as low as possible? Well, Dobiss home automation predicts your peak consumption minute by minute, based on your current consumption. Does the peak exceed the limit you set? Then you will receive a message and the system will automatically switch off your largest consumers.
09/03/2023How smart do you want to live? "Life is easy, people make it difficult." And so we are happy to help make your life a little easier with smart living. One smart system that makes your house work for you. ✓ Evening Netflix and chill? Make it cozy at home with only one touch of a button and dim all lighting. ✓ Automatically lower the screens when night falls. ✓ Automatically lower the heating by one degree when you step out the front door. How smart do you want to live? Tell us 👉 https://dobiss.com/en/find-an-installer/