What if the internet goes down?

Can home automation work without internet?

When we think of a smart home, we immediately think of the internet. You control everything from your smartphone, even when you’re not at home. But what happens if the internet goes down? Will your heating still work? And can you still operate the lighting and shutters?

A smart home also works without an internet connection

With a wired home automation system such as DOBISS, no need to worry: If your internet connection fails tomorrow, you will still be able to turn your lights on or off, heat your house, operate your shutters … Your DOBISS system works completely independently of the cloud connection and will continue to perform all essential functions – internet or not. The heating unit simply follows its current program. And you can control the lighting via the push buttons or the central touch panel.

What no longer works is remote control. Which makes sense, because you do need an internet connection for that. Also, your audio system will not be able to stream music from Spotify without internet. But those are obviously non-essential functions.