What is a Smart Home?

What exactly is a smart home?

There are multiple definitions of a smart home in circulation. Some mean by a smart home that you can control the lighting and screens with an app on your smartphone and that you can switch the heating on or off remotely. But is that really ‘smart’?

A smart home thinks for you

For DOBISS, it’s clear: smart does not mean that everything works via an app, but it does mean that you can make everything in your home work together. A smart home thinks along with you and executes, so that you save energy, save time and worry less. That’s smart!

How? By allowing important functions of your home to work together optimally. The batteries of your bicycle and your robotic lawnmower start to charge automatically because your solar panels are producing excess energy, while the screens in the house lower themselves because the temperature has reached 22°C. Or you arrive in the evening with a full shopping bag at your front door, which you can open keylessly, after which the light turns on automatically because a light sensor detects that it’s dark. That’s smart!

Everything communicates together

Many manufacturers of lighting, blinds or heating pretend to offer ‘smart home’ solutions, because you can control them via your smartphone. It is more correct to say that they offer components that can be integrated into a smart home. It’s the system that allows everything to communicate together flawlessly and to carry out tailor-made scenarios that turn your house into a smart home.

DOBISS home automation is such a system. It’s easy to operate, grows with your needs thanks to its modular structure, and moreover is affordable. Such carefreeness should really be standard in every home.