Catalog 2022 DOBISS NXT Brochure

A home automation system for every budget

…that grows with your needs

From basic functions to a fully automatic home
From the start in 1995, our aim was to develop an affordable home automation system. Everyone must be able to enjoy the benefits of home automation.

At the same time we realised all too well: affordable should not be synonymous with ‘limited options’. So we developed a modular home automation system. You can choose a number of basic functions at the start, and then expand later if you need to. That’s why with DOBISS you’ll find all the functions found in much more expensive home automation systems: lighting, air conditioning, audio, videophony, etc. And these functions all work together as one smart whole, even if you add them later!

Smart lighting

Your lighting adapts to your lifestyle

A smart home starts with smart lighting. Have lights turn on automatically when you enter a room or when darkness falls. And also turn them off automatically. Or create different mood scenarios that immediately dim the light intensity to the desired levels. Also very useful: an ‘all off’ function or a panic scenario where you flash the lights. In addition, control is flexible: you can configure how the push buttons work or just use your voice.

Indoor comfort

Heating, air conditioning, screens and ventilation
working together as a team

It’s nice that the living room is warm when you get home and the bedroom nice and cool by bedtime. And if you’re away for a few days, everything doesn’t have to be running at full throttle. You can configure up to 60 separate rooms and 250 timer-based programs. At any time, you can choose a different program with one click, wherever you are.

Your screens and curtains also determine the temperature in the house. Let the sun’s heat in during the winter and keep things cool in the summer. Or retract your awnings as a preventive measure in the event of a storm. Automatically, without having to do anything yourself. Could it be more carefree?

And by the way, your DOBISS home automation system also optimises your ventilation types C and D. An extra boost of fresh air when needed? You no longer need to do this manually: it simply happens automatically


Your favourite music, anywhere in the house

Fan of rock or do you prefer classical? Wake up, have breakfast, take a shower or relax with your favourite playlists on Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music.

Thanks to your home automation system’s link with the multi-room solutions by among others Sonos, Yamaha or ArtSound, every room can have perfect sound quality, controlled via push buttons, touchscreen, your smartphone or your voice.

Videophony and access control

Home automation and videophony in one smart solution

Thanks to the IP videophony package MEET with WIT monitor, you can control your home automation system and door access via a single touch screen. Handy, right? MEET is ideal for single-family homes. It allows you to forward a doorbell to your smartphone and save photos of everyone who rings the bell, including time registration. Linking with cameras is also possible.

In addition to MEET, the 2-wire solution DUOX PLUS by FERMAX with DOBISS VEO-XS monitor is also ideal for apartments. Thanks to integration with DOBISS, you can also activate additional functions, such as flashing a light for an incoming call or controlling lighting when the door is opened.


Smart energy management

Make your digital meter really smarter

The energy from your solar panels that you don’t use right away is injected into the grid – at least if you don’t have a home battery. But the market price for your produced energy is much lower than the price you pay for the electricity you purchase. Your digital meter registers it flawlessly, but it’s DOBISS that helps you use as much of your yield as possible yourself. Automatically, without you having to think about it!

Control the way you want it

With push buttons
Almost every brand and design is possible. The function of each button – both short and long press – can be configured and changed yourself.

With your smartphone or tablet
Your smartphone is the remote control for your home automation! Control everything from the comfort of your easy chair via WiFi, even with the basic version of DOBISS. Want to check from work whether all the lights are off, or switch on the heating before you go home? That’s also possible via the free cloud access.

Voice control with Google Assistant
You can also fully control your smart home by talking to Google Assistant: “Hey Google, turn on the light in the kitchen”. Or ask to turn up your heating or activate a scenario. Smart living? Simple living, with simple home automation!

With the NanoTouch touch screen
Inconspicuous and super handy: a central wall display of only 4” with intuitive touch buttons. This makes the operation clear and easy to understand for every user.

One system that makes everything work together

Connect your entire house

Today, dozens of manufacturers already offer smart control of their devices, which you can operate remotely. But that’s not home automation yet, of course. With DOBISS you make your home really smart by allowing everything to work together optimally, without having to intervene yourself – from lighting and air conditioning to audio, alarm systems and much more.

Easily add wireless extensions through Zigbee

With DOBISS you can enjoy all the advantages of a wired system, with the option to add wireless extensions through Zigbee and link them together. This offers limitless possibilities while keeping it affordable.