Is home automation expensive?

Additional cost of home automation

How expensive is it really?

It is a persistent myth that home automation is only possible in large, luxurious villas where the budget is unlimited. DOBISS also installs home automation in average homes and apartments, for owners who want to keep their construction costs under control. But you can prepare your home for the future with even a small investment.

A smart home for everyone’s budget, thanks to the limited additional cost of home automation

At DOBISS we believe that everyone deserves a modern electricity installation that makes your home truly smart. That’s why we focused from the start on the affordability of our home automation systems, without sacrificing sustainability. DOBISS home automation has a modular structure, so you can start small and expand later. You can also effortlessly integrate new technologies into your existing system later on, because we continuously upgrade our components. This way you can be sure that your smart home will still be smart tomorrow, even if you start with a limited budget.

What is the concrete cost of home automation?

That of course depends on what exactly you want. If you want to start automating your lighting and shutters, there is already a DOBISS kit with 24 outputs available for 1,430 euros (incl. VAT). There is, however, a small additional cost for extra cabling, depending on the size of your home – although that is less than you think thanks to the bus technology used by DOBISS.

Also want to integrate heating, air conditioning, audio, etc. into your system? Then count on the cost of an iPhone extra.

More energy efficient

On the other hand, your smart home is much more energy efficient than with a regular electrical installation. Depending on energy prices, you will have earned back the additional cost of home automation after a few years.

So prepare your home for the future and don’t miss the opportunity to make your home really smart.