Energy saving

Smart energy management

Good for the environment and your electricity bill

Make your digital meter really smarter

The energy from your solar panels that you don’t use right away is injected into the grid – at least if you don’t have a home battery. But the market price for your produced energy is much lower than the price you pay for the electricity you purchase. Your digital meter registers it flawlessly, but it’s DOBISS that helps you use as much of your yield as possible yourself. Automatically, without you having to think about it!

Get maximum return from your solar panels

Excess energy on a sunny summer day? The air conditioning is already switched on so that you come home in the evening to a pleasantly cool house. Or use the energy to operate an electric boiler, filter your pool pump or charge your bicycle or car – even when you’re not at home. Easily create a list of smart appliances and your DOBISS system handles it all itself.

Save energy without effort

The great thing about home automation is that smart energy management doesn’t cost you any energy. When you go out, you simply press one button and you know that all the lights are off, that the heating is lower and that there is no standby consumption from your electrical outlets. Easy, right?

You decide how far your smart home should go

Consuming less also means paying attention to details. Thanks to the timers in the DOBISS lighting module, you’ll never again forget to turn off the light … It happens automatically! Very useful for areas where you typically only spend a short time, such as a garage or storage room. You decide in which rooms the light automatically switches off and after how many minutes.