Why choose DOBISS domotics?

You only build or thoroughly renovate once. So your home automation system also needs to last a lifetime. The right choice for a reliable manufacturer is therefore – almost literally – of vital importance. With Dobiss, you are completely safe.

These 8 arguments will save you a lot of stress in making your choice

  1. A home automation system that grows with you
    DOBISS has a modular structure. Want to start budget-friendly with entry-level home automation (lighting, screens, videophone) and later expand to a fully integrated system (including heating, cooling, ventilation, audio …)? No problem!
  1. Belgian and dependable
    DOBISS is a Belgian company that has been a pioneer in home automation for more than 25 years. All components are locally developed and tailored to our market. We are now a member of the FERMAX group, through which our products are distributed in many countries.
  1. Future proof
    Your system will still be up-to-date in 10 years. DOBISS software is constantly being further developed. When new technologies come onto the market (think of Google Assistant, ZigBee, IFTTT, etc.), we integrate them into our products. A simple, free upgrade and your home automation is compatible.
  1. Affordable and sustainable quality
    We deliberately keep our prices reasonable, because we believe that everyone has the right to a smart home. But we don’t compromise on quality. That’s why we’ve extended the standard 2-year warranty to 5 years for free. Simply because we’re sure of ourselves.
  1. Easy to configure
    Not a tech genius? Not necessary. Compared to our competitors, the operation and configuration of our home automation system is a piece of cake. And that’s what thousands of customers are saying.
  1. Always backward compatible
    Our retro compatibility also gives you peace of mind. New versions of our software and new modules will always work perfectly with previous systems. Another important difference from other brands!
  1. Installers with expertise
    We regularly organise training so that our installers remain true DOBISS experts. Thus we are able to guarantee that they are fully up-to-date on the latest developments.
  1. Personal service
    We are very close to our customers and our installers. They can contact us at any time for advice or technical support.
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