Smart Living

That’s comfortable living and, above all, saving a lot of time

Make your smart home work for you

How can you make more time for the important things? Smart living means eliminating 101 daily actions. Thanks to DOBISS. When you step into the hallway, the lights come on automatically. The screens go down automatically when night falls. Your awnings retract in heavy rain and wind. And when you leave the house, you switch everything off at the touch of a button and the heating automatically goes down one degree. 10,000 steps each day? Better to take them in nature, in good company, and not from switch to switch.

A scenario for every moment (and each resident)

You can immediately create the mood you want from your smartphone, the DOBISS NanoTouch panel or via Google Assistant: the right temperature, adapted lighting and your favourite music. Everything pre-programmed to your liking. Go for smart living and control of your home is at your fingertips.