Double security

Physical deterrence and e-security in one

Scare off unwanted visitors

Hear a suspicious noise at night? Use the panic button on your bedside table to make all lights (including those outside) flash! This has a strong deterrent effect on suspicious people in the vicinity, because they don’t like flashing lights that attract attention. Still not reassured? Follow what is happening outside via the camera images on your DOBISS touchscreen.

Feel at ease when on holiday

Make yourself at home. Literally. With a handy presence simulation program you automatically lower the shutters when it gets dark and leave some lights on temporarily, or even play some music. In the morning the shutters go up again. This makes it look like your house is occupied, which deters potential burglars. And if a door does open, DOBISS will notify you via a notification on your smartphone.

Secure connection

Because DOBISS is a wired system, it’s already much safer than completely wireless systems. Nevertheless, DOBISS also offers you the possibility to control your home automation remotely, for example via your smartphone. No worries. Your connection to your DOBISS server is always fully encrypted and runs through our secure Belgian cloud servers.

Personalised login

Want to prevent your children from accessing the configuration? Limit operation by the babysitter? No problem! So you can be sure that no one makes unintentional changes to the programming.

Add extra security anytime

A water leak detector in the laundry room? Have the lights come on automatically when the smoke detector goes off? Sensors that let you know that a window is still open when you leave? It’s all possible. So you can expand your budget-friendly basic system later when you’re ready.