Simple home automation

Easy installation, simple operation

Start small and expand later

DOBISS home automation has a fully modular structure. You can start with a basic installation, where, for example, you only control the lighting. Later you add extra modules, such as audio and smart control of solar energy, remote control, etc.

The modules each work individually, but also perfectly together. DOBISS therefore not only means smart, but certainly also simple, home automation. So you can start small and still keep all your options open for later. DOBISS also ensures that new additions remain compatible with existing modules, so that even people with an older system can easily upgrade. And if one of the modules breaks down, it’s easily replaceable, while the rest continue to work in the meantime.

Control the way you want it

  • With push buttons
    Almost every brand and design is possible. The function of each button – both short and long press – can be configured and changed yourself.
  • With your smartphone or tablet
    Your smartphone is the remote control for your home automation! Control everything from the comfort of your easy chair via WiFi, even with the basic version of DOBISS. Want to check from work whether all the lights are off, or switch on the heating before you go home? That’s also possible via the free cloud access.
  • Voice control with Google Assistant
    You can also fully control your smart home by talking to Google Assistant: “Hey Google, turn on the light in the kitchen”. Or ask to turn up your heating or activate a scenario. Smart living? Simple living, with simple home automation!
  • Via the MEET videophone monitor
    Videophone and home automation control in one, thanks to Fermax MEET. The large 7″ or 10″ touchscreen also lets you control your entire system with just a few movements of your finger.
  • With the NanoTouch touch screen
    Inconspicuous and super handy: a central wall display of only 4” with intuitive touch buttons. This makes the operation clear and easy to understand for every user.

Configure everything yourself

Simple home automation also means: easily configuring your system yourself. No software needs to be installed, because everything is 100% web based. Both operation and configuration can be done via any web browser and are therefore always accessible via smartphone, tablet, PC and Fermax MEET.