Coworking in a home environment

HIER. everything revolves around hospitality, ease, simplicity and homeliness. HIER. is more than just a workspace. HIER. brings entrepreneurs together.

Elektriciteit Aelbrecht located in Baardegem (Aalst) equipped the company building for HIER. with a number of our technologies. Dobiss NXT for the building itself, and Dobiss Ambiance Pro for the two apartments located above. The IP videophone Fermax MEET is linked to access control via badge and/or keypad for the whole. Thus HIER. is able to manage access and videophony for the tenants, the Dobissinstallation handles the central management of electricity in the professional area and a modern comfort installation in the apartments. For example, when entering an office via code/badge, the lighting is automatically switched on in that room, and switched off again when checking out.

Implementation: Elektriciteit Aelbrecht