Future proof

Always up to date

Compatible with the past, ready for the future

Future proof

Technology is evolving at lightning speed. Will your smart home still meet your smart living requirements tomorrow? No need to worry. Your DOBISS home automation system has a modular structure, so that you can easily add new modules whenever you wish. Our Belgian technology is also being further developed in order to respond to new evolutions. Quite reassuring, right?

Always more

More scenarios, more automations, more conditions, more temperature zones, more audio zones… Even if you started with a basic DOBISS system, you can still go in any direction later.

100% compatible

Later extensions can communicate with the existing parts of your home automation system without a problem. You can also effortlessly integrate new brands of smart devices into your smart home, even if no wiring was provided, thanks to wireless standards such as ZigBee and IFTTT. So your DOBISS home will always be up to date.

Always free access to the latest upgrade

No software needed: both operation and configuration can be done via any web browser. You therefore also don’t pay for a software subscription. And because the system is web based, you always have access to the most recent upgrades. Modify a scenario, change the function of a push button, pair a new wireless device, adjust your temperature schedule: it’s easy, thanks to our intuitive interface. Even if your not technical.