CV De Vos Andy

Warehouse and private home as showcase

Installation company CV De Vos Andy located in Lembeke (Kaprijke) recently hired Dobiss/Fermax specialist Maarten Blomme. As a result, the company can now offer its customers electricity, home automation and videophony in addition to plumbing, HVAC and solar panels.

Maarten previously installed the electrical system at the company’s warehouse/workshop and the adjoining private home. It became a very complete installation to allow their customers to get acquainted with all the possibilities.

Dobiss NXT, together with a lot of Dali lighting, forms the backbone of the system. Dozens of scenarios are automatically called up via motion detectors, access control, i-buttons, touchscreens, etc.

The videophone was implemented with Fermax DUOX 2-wire: black Marine panels, Memokey and Dobiss VEO XS monitors, with which you can also operate the home automation. Linked to it is Fermax ACPlus access control, extended with additional Secukey keypads.